“FUNances for Artists” and “The Older VS The Gold”

Upper Dublin Meetinghouse

Tuesday October 29th 7 PM. Total run time will be roughly 2 hours including intermission.

Tickets are pay-what-you-will at door. No one turned away. Reservations not required.

Tired of putting blood, sweat and tears into your work and not making any money? Sick of pouring massive amounts of effort into your art and feeling like you’re getting so little back? Well, BOSS and BJ have got your back and will help keep you coming back for more!!!! Bringing you all the financial literacy info you NEED without all the boooooringggg. Learn to balance your work/life needs, stay motivated and work smarter all while having a GREAT time in FUNances for Artists!!! We’ll calculate your day rates, write your artist statement and organize the google drive all in one lecture. Cool!

Is it worth it to keep going? Is it really worth it to keep art-making at the center of our lives? Who knows???? All we know is that despite the impossible demands and the crippling anxiety that comes with this lifestyle we still compulsively do it. And you can too!!! Come figure out your life and contemplate your decisions at FUNances for ARTISTS!!!!!!
–FUNances is a comedic twist on a financial literacy seminar for artists and creatives. The information used in the production can be accessed for free at

VS THE GOLD or The Older VS The Gold or Clown Bolero pins the desire to achieve perfection against the necessary surrender and openness needed for direct contact with an immediate source of inspiration. It encourages the gradual sight of our boxed in expectations and asks audiences to consider what tools are necessary in order to break free from the things that hold us back. It is an external experiment in putting the forms of clown and ballet in the same arena and it is an internal match between opposing desires. This is what happens when ballet takes a dip into the imaginal world, where possibilities open up and perfection is trumped by play.

About the Venue:
This evening’s performance is generously hosted by Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting.
Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting (also known as Upper Dublin Friends Meeting) is a religious community of Quakers/Friends who worship each Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Located at the corner of Meetinghouse Road and Ft. Washington Avenue in Maple Glen/Upper Dublin (near Ambler) PA, Upper Dublin Monthly Meeting has been providing a house of worship since 1814.

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