Searching for Quaker Roots?

Fortunately, the Quakers were comprehensive and extensive record keepers.
It is amazing the wealth of information you can find about early Quakers (and maybe even your ancestors).

Interested in Quakers who may have lived in and around Upper Dublin, Ambler, Ft Washington, PA? They may be in our Burial Ground. We are still working on getting our records into the Find A Grave Website, but would love to have more information (family stories) about any Friends buried in our Burial Ground.

You can search the site by clicking the link.


Our current map (below) is still under construction; being fact checked; and then we need to create the alphabetical list of the interred — but it might be a good place to start. Better yet, walk the grounds! They are incredibly peaceful… serence. Go to the Contact Us page and let us know that you are researching a family member, we might be able to offer assistance.

AND, of course, you are always welcome to join us on a Sunday at 10AM for Meeting for Worship.

Other sites that might help are:

12-22-2018 ADDING NAMES TO PAINT of MAP FROM 1994 Graveyard Drawing